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Are you using Power Automate and the Power Apps connector for Business Central?


In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have the ability to create workflows, which can enable you to connect business process tasks that different users in your team may perform. This is known as Power Automate.

The Power Apps connector allows Business Central users to connect their accounts and use workflows made up of specified prebuilt triggers and actions to build their apps and workflows.

For a summary of the connectors currently provided by Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps, take a look at Microsoft’s Connector Reference Overview.

In Business Central online you can utilise Power Automate and create automated workflows.

The Power Automate and Power Apps connector for Business Central has new capabilities, so you can start using Business Central with Power Automate and Power Apps with greater confidence.

How does this benefit the end user?

  • Reduce Costs: Low Code or No Code apps can now be created to carry out functions that would normally take developers days to create – the potential to save money by creating your own Power Automate flows is enormous.

  • Save Time: Automated workflows can be created, which previously may have been a manual and laborious process.
  • Better collaboration: Workflows can be created which enable you to connect business process tasks that are performed by different users in your team.

How do I do this?

Example scenario: When a record is changed in the Job Table, you create a new Sales Invoice and want to post a message on a specific Microsoft Teams channel chat.

1. Create a new Power Automate Flow from scratch:

2. Now we have a selection of triggers and actions available to choose from, as illustrated in the image below:

3. You can now begin by adding your desired actions and ‘connectors’, for your workflow in Business Central:

4. Finally – Save and test your flow. Give it a go, practice makes perfect!

Further Information

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