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Did you know that Microsoft One Drive backs up your local desktop & documents?


Microsoft One Drive enables you to save files securely and access them at any time, from anywhere.

With Microsoft One Drive installed on your local Windows machine, you can back up all your important files and folders that are currently located on your local Desktop, Documents and Pictures folder.

How do I back up my local desktop & documents with Microsoft One Drive?

1. With One drive running on your local Windows machine, right click on the Blue Cloud icon on your system tray and select Settings, the following menu will appear:

2. Click Manage Backup button. You will see the screen below:

3. Wait a few minutes for One Drive to collect the file and folder sizes for the three folders on your local machine, then click Start Backup.

4. Any documents / folders saved on your local desktop or under the Documents / Pictures folders will automatically be backed up to your One Drive.

They can be checked if you view your One Drive Folders via the Microsoft 365 portal – the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders should exist and have contents saved.

Further Information

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