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Did you know there’s a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App for your mobile phone?

Summary – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App

As the world slowly wakes up after two years of lockdowns, social distancing and virtual meetings, it looks like face-to-face meetings will be back on the agenda. Now might be a good time to check out this video on the recently launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App.

How does it work?

There has been a ‘Dynamics 365 for phones’ app available for a while and whilst similar, the Sales App is primarily aimed at the out and about Sales team. It seeks to get the right data to the Sales team at the right time and enables them to share their data quickly and more easily with a much-improved Sales focused interface.

The App was in preview early last year in the middle of lockdown so you may have missed it but the App can be installed now from here:

Additional Information

You can find out more about the Sales App and learn the basics here – Learn the basics of the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app | Microsoft Docs.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management software, used by small medium & enterprise sized businesses, to give you and your team the power to drive sales growth.

Connect your sales, marketing, and service teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – breaking down any data silos.

Dynamics 365 CRM offers a choice of role-based CRM modules: sales, marketing, customer service & field service – simply choose which modules are needed for your business.

This progressive technology helps you to:

  • Generate insights
  • Analyse performance
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers

Speak to a member of the GCC team to find out more.