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Do you find yourself running out of storage space in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?


You might remember a recent blog which explained the various storage areas (database, file and log storage). Quite often you run out of the database and file storage. GCC recommends an attachment extractor which will move this data to cheaper storage areas without you, as a CRM user, being aware of the change.

What does it do?

The MSCRM ADDONS Attachment Extractor is set up to:

  • Move email attachments to a chosen Sharepoint location
  • Move attachments to Notes to the same chosen Sharepoint location
  • Move the rich content of emails to an Azure blob space

Typically, the allocated Sharepoint storage included in your Microsoft Office environment is a lot more than you would need. The Azure blob space would have to be setup and paid for. The cost here is negligible.

The result

The screen grab below shows the dramatic decline in storage used when the service is enabled for the first time. This reflects GCC’s own experience when interrogating the CRM storage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Storage

How do I install and run this?

There is a one-off cost to setting up the service. GCC will be able to support you on this.

The service itself runs on the MSCRM ADDON servers and is accessible via a portal. In layman’s terms – the service runs in the cloud and is setup and managed there. MSCRM ADDON’s prices are paid annually and based on the number of users on your system. Follow this link for up-to-date information.

Additionally you will incur a small cost for the Azure storage blob which is charged per GB , per month.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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