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Do you know what to do if you receive more inventory than expected in Business Central?

Summary – Over receipts in Business Central

Do you know that it is possible to control Over receipt for purchases in Business Central?

If you receive more inventory than expected, the user will receive a message and it is possible to run approval process.

What do I do?

  • Add general setting for Over receipt codes.
  • Add specific settings for items and vendors to have more control points.
  • User receives notification if try to receive quantity more than have in order. It is possible to change quantity according to Over-Receipt Tolerance range.
  • Create Purchase Order approval process from template – add new response Approve Over Receipt:
  • And add filter by Purchase line only with Over-Receipt codes for this workflow.
  • If workflow is enabled and there is Over-receipt situation, during posting user has an error message:
  • User needs to Request approval purchase document.

Additional Information

If you receive more items than ordered, take a look at this Microsoft article for more assistance.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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