Extend your productivity with Microsoft Power apps

If you are one of the millions of people that use Microsoft suites and applications for your business needs, you’ll be excited to hear about the very latest Power apps and how they have new abilities to transform the way you work.

While some companies champion expensive bespoke software, this can be hard to update and costly to maintain. However, many of the biggest organisations in the world recognise that Microsoft are the market leaders in office suites simply because of their experience combined with an ever-evolving raft of products that bring new functionalities.

Build your own apps

Building apps with PowerApps is easy, because Microsoft always prioritises the end-user and make things intuitive and straightforward. Professional developers work with code and this can be very off-putting if you are not particularly IT minded. However, solving business problems with visual tools that avoid code means you have a platform that produces building blocks that can be shared with colleagues and professional developers alike.

This is one of the new PowerApps’ big advantages as a built-in basic element and you can also build and share these apps on any device of your choosing.

Different scenarios

PowerApps cover a broad scope of different scenarios that means you can transform some outdated processes and automate manual ones. Microsoft’s canvas and model-driven apps build solutions for business problems that are both task and role-specific and can include things like inspections, sales enablement in the field and integrating marketing views.

Create sophisticated apps

Every detail of your new app can be customised and created for use on any device, utilising features such as cameras and location data. Immersive and responsive applications can be generated automatically after you decide on your data model and the business process which needs attention. Using straightforward and familiar drag and drop techniques, you can tailor the outcomes to your specific needs.

Canvas apps and model-driven apps

Canvas apps offer flexibility that lets you set up the interface exactly how you want. This means that you can have a business specific look and feel for your apps. Model-driven apps offer all of the power of the Common Data Service which means you can configure forms, business rules and process flows extremely quickly.

Help at hand

Even though Microsoft Power apps can help you extend your productivity easily, adapting to new software can still be confusing. By using a proactive software support service, you can find out what the benefits are and then put them into action quickly with little or no disruption to productivity.

Contact GCC for more details and then you can get on with the real work of running your business.

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