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Here’s a great time saving function to find entries in Business Central


There is a great time saving function in Business Central, that you can add to your homepage, to find posted documents from across the application, without the requirement to drill through the other records first.

Imagine that a customer or supplier is on the phone and you need to find a copy of their invoice quickly, or you need to see all the transactions involved with a serial/lot number from the homepage in just a few clicks.

Of course, you can get everything you need by drilling into the customer/supplier/stock item, then get the transaction listing and so on, but we have a method that will speed up the process for you.

What do I do?

You can either search for “Find Entries” or use the Find Entries function on the Actions menu on your homepage.

It is possible to search info about:

  • Documents (either the customer’s or your own reference)
  • Business Contacts
  • Item References (serial and lot numbers)
Find Entries in Microsoft Business Central

Once you have selected the type of information you’d like to search on, you can enter the details in the appropriate filter and click Find.

Search for documents in Business Central

You can then drill into the entries to find what you need.


  • If you are scan in your supplier invoices you can then get to the original invoice pdf, which is attached to the invoice record.
  • If you want to find all related entries for documents with Deferrals, only fill in the “Document No.”and leave the “Posting Date” blank.

This method will speed up the process of finding posted documents across the application, enabling you to quickly access the information you need.

Additional Information

Make sure you have the following in place before creating your bank deposit:

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or