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How do I extend the Dataverse search in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?


The updated Dataverse Search was released fully onto most production Dynamics CRM instances in October 2021. It provides a much more comprehensive search experience – with suggested results as you type, scanning multiple tables using fuzzy logic, and returning results in order of relevance.

However, not all fields and tables are included by default and you might want to remove some tables and columns, or add custom tables or columns.

Here we’ll look at how to amend the tables and columns included in the search.

How do I add a table and field to be searched?

Managing the search index needs to be done by a system administrator from within a solution, using the Maker Portal.

  • Within a suitable solution, select “Overview” and then “Manage Search Index”.
  • The pop out panel will show which tables are included in the Dataverse search and which are not – it’s a simple task of just checking or unchecking the relevant tables to include or remove them from the Dataverse Search results.
  • Once a table has been enabled for Dataverse Search, you can configure the columns to be searched by editing the “Quick Find View” for the relevant table. Add the “Quick Find View” to the solution if necessary, add the relevant column to the View and then add the column to the “Find By” section in the bottom right hand corner, then save and publish.

Dataverse Search in action

Once all configured and published, it might take a few minutes for the search index to be updated, but once updated the search results should now reflect the additional column.

Confirmation is also shown when viewing the specific record type as to which table columns are being searched.

Additional Information

NOTE: it can take some time for changes to the Dataverse Search to be fully reflected – the system can take an hour or so to update the search index (depending on the amount of data).

Full details on configuring Dataverse search can be found here. You can also find more details on the different search options within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM here.

Further Information

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