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How do I make a phone call in Microsoft Teams Phone? – There’s more than one way!

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Microsoft Teams Phone is flexible enough to allow you make internal or external calls in a number of different ways.

In this blog we’ll outline the different methods, so you can use the one that works best for you.

What are the different ways I can make a call in Microsoft Teams Phone?

Method 1: Using the calls tab to initiate a call

External and internal calls can be initiated from the calls tab within Microsoft Teams Phone. This is likely to be the method you are most familiar with – read on to find out the ways in which this can be done.

  • Click on the telephone icon in the left-hand menu, illustrated in the image below.
    This will then display the telephone dial pad where you can select the numbers using your mouse, or you can copy and paste the number from another application, and then press dial.
Microsoft Teams Dial Pad
  • Alternatively, you can click along the top menu > to contacts – it will display a list of contacts in your system.
    Select the phone icon, listed next to the name of your contact and a phone call will be initiated.
Using the contacts tab in Microsoft Teams Phone
  • Lastly, within the contacts menu, you can search for a someone in your contact list (searching via their name, email or phone number), or you can add an individual to your contact list.
Method 2: Using the chat tab to initiate a call

Calls can also be initiated from the chat tab within Microsoft Teams Phone.
This is a great method to use when you are using the chat function and decide you’d prefer to speak to the contact on the phone instead. It’s also a great method to use as it provides quick access to the call function with contacts who you regularly chat with.

  • Firstly, select a contact from the chat tab, then click the telephone or video icon in the top right corner to initiate a voice or video call.

NOTE: If the chat is a group chat, clicking the telephone icon will initiate a call to all of the contacts in that group.

Method 3: Using the command tab to initiate a call

The third method shows how calls can be initiated from the command tab within Microsoft Teams Phone. This method is more of a techie favourite as it involves typing a ‘command’ into the menu bar.

Microsoft Teams Phone Command Tab
  • Type ‘/call’ in the menu bar and press enter.
  • Then type the name of the person you wish to call – clicking on their name will initiate the call.

You can use whichever methods suits you best or alternate between different methods to impress your work colleagues!

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