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How do I merge calls in Microsoft Teams Phone?

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There are several different scenarios where you may have two separate calls in progress, and then want to place all the participants into a single, 3-way call.

You may have originally received a call and placed them on hold, whilst calling a colleague for additional information, with no intention of it ending up as a 3-way call.

That’s OK! You can still join all the parties together on a single call.

How do I merge calls in Microsoft Teams Phone?

1. With the first call in progress, select the calls icon in the Microsoft Teams app.

Call icon in Microsoft Teams Phone

2. Type in the name of the person you want to call (in this case Carol Smith). Select their name and then press the Call button.

Call button in Microsoft Teams Phone

3. As soon as you press the Call button, the first caller will automatically be placed on hold and remain on hold whilst you talk to the other person.

4. You can now place the first caller and Carol to all be on the same call.  There is no need to hang up or arrange any separate calls.

5. Click on the More icon at the top of the screen.

6. Then select Merge Calls.

7. A confirmation window will be displayed, to ensure the correct call is merged.  In this case we only have the one call showing.

Merge calls in Microsoft Teams Phone

8. Click on Merge.

Three way call in Microsoft Teams Phone

9. Once the Merge button has been clicked, all three participants will be on the same call.

10. To leave the call, press the usual Leave button. 

NOTE: If only one person leaves the call, the call will continue until there is only one participant left, at which point the call ends.

Further Information

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