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How to boost productivity with the Microsoft Teams click-to-call feature

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Microsoft Teams Phone offers many features to improve efficiency and productivity, such as Click-To-Call.

Click-To-Call enables you to select any number from web pages, CRM systems and other applications, and then place the call directly from Microsoft Teams Phone. This feature removes the need to manually enter a telephone number, greatly streamlining the calling process.

Click-to-Dial is ideal for organisations that make lots of external calls. This feature is especially useful for sales teams who are prospecting new leads from the Internet, as it eliminates the need to flick between your web browser and phone system.

Can I use Click-to-Call?

If your organisation uses Microsoft Teams as your primary method of communication, both for external and internal calls, then you will be able to make use of the Click-To-Call functionality.

To check if your Microsoft Teams account is configured for external calling, click on the calls icon on the left hand pane. If you see the dial pad below, then external calling is possible.

Microsoft Teams Phone Dial Pad

How do I set up Click-to-Call?

1.  In Windows, launch the Default Apps.

TIP: You can do this by typing in Default Apps in the bottom left of the screen where it says “Type here to search”.

Default apps in Microsoft Windows

2. Once in the Default Apps screen, scroll down until you see the Choose default applications by protocol option.

Choose default applications by protocol in Windows

3. Then click on the text “Choose default applications by protocol” and then scroll down the list until you see TEL> URL:tel on the left-hand side.

Microsoft Teams Click to call

NOTE: If you already see Microsoft Teams listed then your PC is already configured.

4. If you do not see Microsoft Teams listed, click on the icon, and select Microsoft Teams from the list of applications.

5. The update will be automatically applied and saved, so you can close the Settings window by clicking on the “X” in the top right.

6. Now whenever you open up a browser and click to call the number, you’ll be presented with a pop-up box, where you can choose Microsoft Teams.

7. Once Microsoft Teams is chosen, another pop-up will open, where you can click to accept to call through Microsoft Teams.

Teams Phone Click to call
Further Information

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