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How to create a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from Dynamics 365 CRM


With many organisations continuing to adopt a hybrid working model, a large proportion of meetings with customers are being held virtually.

Microsoft has now brought Teams meetings into the Dynamics 365 CRM world. This new feature enables you to create a Teams meeting directly from within your Dynamics 365 CRM application, without the need to switch between applications.

How to create a Teams Meeting from within Dynamics 365 CRM

1. Create an Appointment in the Dynamics 365 area using one of the following methods:

Quick Create
Quick create meeting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
From My Activities list under the ‘My Work’ section
Create a new appointment from activity list in Dynamics CRM
On the timeline of the associated record (e.g. Opportunity)
Create an appointment from a record in Dynamics CRM

2. Once you have created your appointment, the below box will appear.
Simply slide the ‘Teams Meeting’ button over to Yes.

Quick create meeting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

NOTE: If you do not see this toggle switch, please contact your system administrator who will be able to amend the form to include this.

3. Press Save and Close and your meeting will then be synced to your Outlook calendar, as well as Teams. The meeting will have the standard joining instructions you are used to.

Microsoft Teams joining instructions

NOTE: The system defaults to a meeting duration of 30 minutes. It is easy enough to choose one of the duration options provided, or type in your own.
When entering manually, the numeric value should represent the number of minutes, for example 57 minutes.

Meeting duration in Microsoft Teams
Further Information

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