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How to create a poll in your Microsoft Teams meeting


Polls in Microsoft Teams are a quick and easy way to gain insight from meeting attendees.

They can be used to make decisions quickly, find out when people can attend future events, or gain insight into people’s preferences.

Polls are also a great way to increase engagement and assess learning from training sessions.

Polls can be created before or during a meeting. You can decide whether to share your results anonymously or publicly, and how you want to share your results: either automatically or manually.

NOTE: To add a Poll, you must be either the meeting organiser or a presenter.

How to create a poll before the meeting begins

1. Schedule a Teams meeting by:

  • Selecting Calendar on the left-hand pane
  • Then clicking on New meeting, on the top ribbon
  • You’ll then be presented with the below screen – simply fill in the meeting details and press Save.
New meeting in Microsoft Teams

2. Once your meeting has been scheduled, it will appear in your Teams Calendar.
Click on the meeting, then click Edit.

Edit a Microsoft Teams Meeting

3. Next, click on the + icon along the top of the calendar invite to add a tab.

Add a tab in Microsoft Teams meeting

4. Select Polls.

5. Then select Add to confirm your selection.

6. After clicking Save, you’ll be presented with the below screen.
Microsoft provide suggestions on the right-hand side, or you can create your own poll by clicking the ‘+ New Poll’ button.

Creating a poll in Microsoft Teams

7. After clicking New poll, you will have a few options to choose from:

8. All options allow you to select whether Teams should record the names of respondents (only visible to the creator of the Poll) and whether the results should be shared with all participants.

9. Once you’re satisfied with your poll, click ‘Save as draft‘ and your Polls will be ready to go for your meeting.

How to create a poll during the meeting

1. When you are in your Teams meeting, click on Apps, from the top ribbon.

Apps in Microsoft Teams meeting

2. A new box will pop up, as below. Select Polls and then Save.

Polls app in Microsoft Teams meeting

3. You’ll then see the option to add a new poll on the right-hand side. To begin a new poll, click the + New poll button, and you’ll be presented with the same options in step 7, above.

New Poll in Microsoft Teams meeting

4. Select the type of poll you’d like to create, add your questions, and then press Launch now.

Creating a poll in Microsoft Teams live

6. The meeting attendees will then be presented with poll and be able to submit their responses.

Submit poll response in Microsoft Teams meeting

7. Once meeting attendees have submitted their responses, you can choose to share the results with the meeting or keep them anonymous.

Further Information

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