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How to create and use email templates in Dynamics 365 CRM


If you find that you write the same email content over and over, you may benefit from using a standardised email template.

The added advantages of using templates is that users are using the same phrases and professionalism in their emails.

How do I set up email templates?

You can find the standard templates in either the Settings or Management area of your Dynamics 365 CRM system.

Email templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

NOTE: When creating an email template, it will be shared with all users if Permission level is set to Organisation.

The Category will create the template linked to one of the standard tables on this list:

Create an email template in CRM

You can then create the Email Subject line and body of the email. This can include any field on the standard table or related Contact/Account tables – you can use the dynamic text button for this.

In this example we have selected the Case table for the email template.

Email template in Dynamics 365 CRM

How do I send an email from a template?

When you create an Email, click on Insert Template in the ribbon and make sure you swap to ‘Regarding’ in the Field Name.

This will ensure that the email templates available are linked to your standard table and specific record.

In this example, it is linked to the Case with title ‘Install of Gadgets’.

Send an email from a template CRM

On the next screen you’ll be able to select from the list of available templates.

Select email template in Microsoft CRM

Your email will be populated with the dynamic data and presented to you for editing before you send the email to the recipient.

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