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How to monitor the call queue in MX Cloud

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If you are a member of a call group, it’s often advantageous to be able to see how busy the group is, if there are any calls queuing, if so for how long, and the status of other call group members.

This information is now available to you directly in the ZAC software. You don’t need to be in sight of a Wall Board or run any other software and if you are a Call Group Supervisor, then you also have access to additional Call Queue management features.

Let’s recap – Call group types

There are three main types of Call Groups available in MX Cloud.

1. Hunt Group – This is the simplest type, where users are added to a call group and remain part of that call group unless removed by the Admin.

2. ACD Group – This adds more call handling features and also the option for members of call groups to both log in and log out of call groups as required.

3. ICC Group – Takes the features of the ACD call group to become a fully functional call centre solution, with added features such as, Service Levels, Wallboard and Supervisor functions.

To confirm, all call group types now include the Queue Monitor in your ZAC software, with the added features if you are a Call Group Supervisor.

How do I access the queue monitor?

The Queue Monitor is available in your ZAC software, to every member of a call group, no matter what type of Group it may be.

1. From the icons on the left of ZAC, first select the Agent Roles view.

Agent roles in ZAC

2. You’ll then be presented with a list of all the call groups that you are a member of.

call groups in ZAC

3. From here you can select your active role, login or out of calls groups, and change your group presence status.

TIP: You can also expand each call group to see the group members, their presence status, and any presence notes.

call group members in ZAC

4. To access the Queue Monitor, click on the three dots to the right of the Call Group name.

Queue monitor in ZAC

5. Then select Queue Monitor.

6. On the right-hand side of ZAC the Queue Monitor is now displayed for the selected call group.

Queue monitor for call groups in ZAC

7. This is a Live view of the Call Queue, Agent Status and any calls in the queue are listed.

 Live view of the Call Queue in ZAC
  • The example below shows 2 of 6 Agents logged in, one available (green), 1 on a call (yellow) and 1 call waiting. This is a Call Queue Monitor, so calls already in progress and being handled by agents are not listed.
Agents logged on ZAC
  • This next example shows 2 of 6 Agents logged in and 2 agents on a call and no calls waiting.
Agents in ZAC call groups

8. Repeat the process for any other call groups in which you are a member, and each will be displayed in its own tab.

Monitor call queues in ZAC

Additional Information

Queue Monitor – Additional ICC Supervisor Functions

If you are a Supervisor of a Call Group (available with ICC Call Groups), then you’ll have an additional “More” column at the end of the Queue Monitor column titles.

ZAC Queue monitor for supervisors

This allows you to perform similar operations against queued calls, as you can using Super view, but with the added convenience of it being available in ZAC.

Before the “More” button becomes active, there needs to be at least one call in queue. At this point, clicking on the three dots in the More column, against the appropriate call, will give you a list of call handling options, including:

  • Assign calls in a Call Queue a new Call Priority.
  • Answer a specific call in a call queue.
  • Assign Calls in Queue to a Specific Agent.
  • Send Queued call directly to group Voicemail.
  • Transfer a Queued call directly to another MX Cloud user.
  • Disconnect a queued call.
Superview in ZAC

The Supervisor “More” options will have an immediate impact on the queued call, and if the call priority has been updated, or if the call has been assigned to a specific agent, (see example blow) then this will be displayed in the Queue Monitor for all other members to see.

Example – Assigning a Queued call to a specific Agent (e.g. Claire Hager).

Supervisor mode in ZAC
How can I add supervisor functions to my call group?

If you would like to add Supervisor functions to your existing Call Groups then contact us and we can confirm your current licencing and assist in upgrading and configuring user licences.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or