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How to organise your Products with Product Families in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


If you work with Products and Price Lists as part of your sales process, ‘Product Families’ can help you organise your products, improve the user experience and enhance your reporting.

Product Families can be any logical grouping of a Product or Service, such as TVs, Radios and Speakers; or Residential Events, Conferences and Virtual Events.

Each Product can be placed into a family – meaning that it can be easier to find by the user and reports can be broken down by Product Family.

How do I create a Product Family?

Using the Sales Hub App within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, navigate to “Products” – Here you’ll see a button for “Add Family”.

NOTE: You can get to the same functionality using Advanced Settings > Product Catalog > Families & Products.

Clicking “Add Family” will launch the Product Quick Create – specify a Name for that branch of the Product Family (e.g. TVs, Conferences) and a ProductID and then Save, Publish and Close.

You can now add individual Products to a Product Family to create groupings of Products.

All you need to do is select the relevant Product Family for the “Parent” field, when creating a new Product, or “Revise” an existing Product and then add the relevant Parent Product Family:

Product Family in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

NOTE: If needed, a full hierarchy of Product Families can be created, but a flatter structure is advised to keep it manageable.

Product Families in action

Once created and Products are added to Families, there’s a couple of immediate benefits.

From the Product View, you can see that the Product belongs to a Hierarchy:

Product Hierarchy in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Click on the Hierarchy icon to view the Product Hierarchy:

Hieracrhy Icon in Microsoft Dynanics 365 CRM

If you’re using the enhanced experience for adding products, then finding the correct Product is now much easier for your sales team.

Navigate to your Opportunity and “Add Products” as normal – but now there are filters reflecting the Product Families, both on the left hand navigation menu, as well as the filter in the top search bar.

Enhanced experience for adding products in Microsoft CRM

And because each Product now has a Product Family (“Hierarchy Path”), it is now possible to create reports which group by Product Family.

Additional Information

More information on Product Families can be found on the Microsoft website here.

Further Information

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