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How to park a call in Microsoft Teams Phone

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In Microsoft Teams Phone, there is some great functionality which allows you to place a call on hold and then pick up that same call from another device. This is known as parking a call. A parked call can also be picked up by another user in your organisation.

This useful functionality frees up your own phone line, rather than keeping the call open against your line. A call can remain parked for several minutes, allowing colleagues to finish up another call they may be on, before picking up the parked call.

How do I park and retrieve a call?

Parking a call

1. When in an active call, click on the three dots (more actions) in the top application bar and then from the list of options, select Park Call.

Park a call in Microsoft Teams Phone

2. You’ll see a short message to advise the call is being parked, stating that the “Call is parked” along with the retrieval code. 

The caller has automatically been placed on hold and you can now share the retrieval code with the appropriate person.

TIP: For ease you can copy the retrieval code to your clipboard and share this with the colleague who will be picking up the call.

NOTE: A new retrieval code will be generated for each call you park.

Retrieval code for parked call in Microsoft Teams Phone
Retrieving a call


  • A parked call can be retrieved by yourself, or another Microsoft Teams Phone user using the retrieval code for this call.
  • You can park the call using your desktop client, but then retrieve the call using your Microsoft Teams Phone mobile client, or even from a shared hot desk phone.

3. Firstly, navigate to the Calls tab in Microsoft Teams Phone, then click on the Parked Calls button.

Retrieve a parked call in Microsoft Teams Phone

4. The following is then displayed.

Pick up a parked call in Microsoft Teams Phone

5. Enter the call retrieval code for the given call and then press the Pick up button.

You will then have an active call in progress.

What happens if no one retrieves the parked call?

As a safety measure, should no one retrieve the Parked call within 5 minutes (default time and can be changed), then the call is automatically returned to the original party who parked the call.

The original party will receive the below notification, Transferred by CallPark, to indicate this is a previously Parked call being returned to them because no-one retrieved it in time.

Parked call not retrieved in Microsoft Teams Phone

Additional Information

To park and retrieve calls, a user must be an Enterprise Voice user and must be included in a call park policy.

The ability to Park a call is controlled by your Microsoft Teams Administrator, so if you don’t see the Park option you may wish to raise this with the relevant party.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or