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How to set up voicemail in Microsoft Teams Phone

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Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to forward calls to your Voicemail box, or to other numbers or call groups.

It’s even possible to record your own Voicemail greeting or type in your own greeting and have Microsoft Teams Phone read it out to callers.

To get the best out of the Microsoft Teams Phone Voicemail system there are two areas to configure. These are your Call Answering Rules and Voicemail options.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to configure call answering rules and how to set up voicemail in Microsoft Teams Phone.

How do I configure call answering rules?

Call answering rules determine what happens to an inbound call.

Your current setting will be displayed at the bottom of the Dial Pad screen and there are two options:

  • Don’t forward – Calls are first presented to you, and then your Call Answering Rules determine if the call is passed to Voicemail or another destination such as Voicemail, another number or team.
  • Forward to voicemail – Your phone won’t ring and calls are passed directly to your Voicemail. It’s still possible to set options for the caller, for example; leaving a message or forward to another number or team.

1. To see or change what happens when calls are presented to you, select the drop-down arrow next to the text “Don’t forward” and then click on “More Settings”.

2. Toggle between the two options of “Calls ring me” and “Forward my calls” to see the options available.

Transfer in Microsoft Teams Phone

3. With “Calls ring me” selected there are additional options to “Also ring” a single contact/ number or create a custom call group/list of people in your organisation to call.

4. If you want to change the amount of time a call rings before the selected option is triggered, this can be set here too.

5. To have calls presented to yourself first, and then to your Voicemail if unanswered, select the options below:

Calls to voicemail in Microsoft Teams Phone

6. Now, even with “Voicemail” as the “If unanswered” destination, how calls are handled on presentation to your Voicemail, can still be configured, using the steps below.

How do I configure my Voicemail options?

To check or change your Voicemail Configuration, click on the “Configure voicemail” button displayed below the call answering rules sub-section, as illustrated below.

Configure voicemail in Microsoft Teams Phone

There are then numerous configuration options you can set, dependent on your preferences.

Record your own voicemail greeting (optional)

Use this option if you would like to record the Voicemail message yourself.

1. Ensure you have a suitable headset plugged in, or use your devices inbuilt microphone and speakers.

2. Then click the “Record a greeting” button to start a call with the Voicemail system, then simply follow the prompts to record your new Voicemail greeting.

Define what happens when calls reach your voicemail

There are currently 5 options for what happens when calls reach your Voicemail. They are:

  1. End the call without playing your greeting.
  2. Let the caller record a message.
  3. Let the caller record a message or be transferred to someone else.
  4. Play your greeting and end the call.
  5. Transfer the call to someone else.

If you select any option which includes transfer, you can select the person from the organisation’s address book.

Select the greeting language

You can select the language to use when playing the Voicemail greetings.

Voicemail greeting language in Microsoft Teams Phone
Voicemail Greeting – text to speech customised greeting options

In this section you can add a customised Voicemail greeting and have the system read it out to recipients.

Text to speech greeting in Microsoft Teams Phone

NOTE: If you have already, or in the future record your own Voicemail greeting, then this will always be played instead of the Text to Speech greeting. 

In order to activate the Text to Speech greeting, you must first delete your own recorded voicemail greeting.

Out of office greeting

The last option allows you to set when your out of office greeting is played.

Out of Office greeting in Microsoft Teams Phone
Further Information

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