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How to take full control of your calls in MX Cloud

Cloud Telephony & Connectivity


By creating call handling rules in MX Cloud – based on different combinations of ‘events’ and ‘conditions’ you have complete control to ensure your calls are always handled in the most effective way.

What can I take control of with Call Handling?

‘Call Handling Rules’ can be created, enabled, and amended across all the client platforms: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and Web.

Here are a few examples of the rules you can create within MX Cloud:

  • Define different call handling rules based on your user presence

  • Control how calls are handled in office hours and outside of office hours

  • If you work part time – forward calls to colleagues on the days you are not logged in

  • Play a specific voicemail greeting which automatically triggers for set dates

  • Handle calls from external callers differently to internal callers

  • Automatically disconnect calls from nuisance numbers

The list goes on, but the power of the call handling rules is knowing the flexibility is there to help you across a vast range of scenarios.

Over the coming months GCC will be blogging about call handling rules, so you can get the most out of your system.

Further Information

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