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How to use Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Marketing Lists are used heavily in the marketing arena to group customers based on your chosen criteria. The marketing list can be used to email a group of customers, but it can also be used in Campaigns and Quick Campaigns.  

The ‘customer’ in the Dynamics world, could be an Account, Contact or Lead. There are 2 types of Marketing Lists – Dynamics and Static.

How do I create a Marketing List?

Let’s go through the steps of creating a marketing list and explore the differences between static and dynamic marketing lists in Dynamics 365 CRM.

1. Create a marketing list by selecting New on the list of Marketing Lists.

2. Enter the name of the Marketing List and choose between Dynamics or Static.

Static Marketing List

When setting up a static marketing list, you add the customer manually to a specific list. This can be done individually or by selecting by search criteria and using an advanced find search.

Dynamic Marketing List

Managing the members of the marketing list is done for you by the Dynamics tool. When selecting members, you are asked to set up a selection criteria. This uses the standard Advanced Find mechanism, which is detailed below.

The obvious advantage here is that, when using this Marketing List in, for instance an email send, you will always be sending to the customers who are matching the criteria at the point of email send.

3. Once you have chosen between a static or dynamic marketing list, click on the Members tab which, will display the list of Customers selected.

Marketing List in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

NOTE: Once you have chosen between a Dynamics or a Static marketing list, this cannot be amended. Secondly if your list targets an Account, Contact or Lead, this also cannot be amended.

4. In the menu, select the Manage Members button – This will allow you to add/remove multiple customers at a time.

5. You can also choose to add members using ‘Add using Lookup‘ or ‘Add using Advanced Find

  • Add using Lookup allows you to manually search and add members to the list

  • Add using Advanced Find allows you to add members based on specified criteria.
    For example you might want to add members that have a specific job role.
Manage Members in Static Marketing List

Here is an example of Contacts you might want in say an ‘Accounting’ Marketing List using the Advanced Find option:

Add members using advanced find

5. The Evaluate option, will then cleverly allow you to search through the members, by using the standard Advanced Find search mechanism.

7. The option of removing these members is then presented to you, and you can select who to include or not include in your marketing list.

Evaluate members in CRM Marketing List
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