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How to use PowerPoint Presenter Coach to improve your presentation skills

The Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint helps you perfect your presentation skills to deliver high-level, engaging presentations.

This feature offers smart suggestions for improvements, as well as providing a summary report after your presentation rehearsal.

The Presenter Coach tool looks at several aspects of your presentation, from the language you use to how you address speakers and offers advice on this. It even listens to your pronunciation and offers suggestions via a recorded pronunciation guide.

How do I use this?

Here’s how you can use Presenter Coach for PowerPoint:

1. Begin by opening your presentation in PowerPoint.

2. Navigate to the Slide Show tab, then click Rehearse with Coach.

Rehearse with coach in PowerPoint

3. Click Start Rehearsing to begin your presentation.

TIP: Check the Show real-time feedback box if you would like ongoing guidance.

4. You’ll then see the listening prompt appear on the screen – You can begin speaking when you see this.

NOTE: If you have enabled real-time guidance, the Coach will give you on-screen guidance (in the lower-right corner of the window). They’ll guide you on aspects of your presentation skills such as, pacing and use of filler and inclusive language.

PowerPoint rehearsal coach listening

5. When you’ve finished, you’ll see a Rehearsal Report, providing a summary of feedback from the Coach.

TIP: Take a screenshot of this summary, so you can review later on.

Microsoft PowerPoint Rehearsal report

NOTE: Microsoft will not save a recording of your performance and will delete the feedback after you have finished using the Presenter Coach.

Further Information

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