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How to use business templates within Business Central

Summary- Business Templates

Using business templates within Business Central is a great way to not only speed up creation of customers, vendors and stock items but also to improve the accuracy of the set up.

How do I do this?

Templates are presented to you when you select to create a new record, e.g. customer

When you select the template a new record is created with pre-populated fields from the template, you can then just enter the specific details like address and you are ready to use that record, the person creating the record does not need to worry about or set the VAT codes, posting groups etc.

To create the templates then use the search icon for Customer (Vendor/Item) template, from here you can then create or edit a template:

You can set the default fields however you wish and you can also set the dimensions (1) that will be attached to the record when you use this template.

If you have to create a series of template where only a couple of fields are different e.g. salesperson then you can use the Copy Template (2) function.

If there are some fields that you would like to set but do not appear to be on the template screen then don’t forget you can use personalisation to add some additional fields.

Then when personalisation is activated, use field (3) to display the field side panel (4) – drag in the fields you want into the template – then select Done (5) to save the template screen.

If you have an existing customer/vendor/item record that would be useful as a template then open that record and save as a template.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or