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How to use the call monitoring feature in MX Cloud

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It’s normal these days to have your team geographically distributed. Whether that be at the end of the same office, or another part of the Country (or Globe!).

This can make it difficult to train new staff, support existing staff and perform real-time call reviews.

However, with MX Cloud, you can be virtually sitting next to your staff member, or new starter, and both listen to the same call. You can even provide real time assistance, which only they can hear.

Whether it’s for training, call quality monitoring, coaching or providing ad-hoc assistance, you can use MX Cloud to listen in on calls and “Whisper” to staff.

This feature is usually only found in dedicated call centre configurations but with MX Cloud it’s available out of the box, provided you have been assigned the appropriate permissions.

How do I set this up?

You will already have this function available if you use the MX Cloud softphone or a compatible MX Cloud handset. There is minimal setup required by your systems administrator, they’ll just need to assign the rights “Can Monitor” and “Can be monitored” to the respective users. 

You can contact the GCC Service Desk if you need assistance with the set up.

There is no additional licencing or cost.

How do I do this?

In this blog we’ll focus on how easy it is to remotely monitor an active call and provide live assistance to a colleague using the Whisper function.

1. Log into MX Cloud and ensure you are bound to a compatible phone or to the inbuilt Soft phone – i.e. you are plugging a headset into your laptop.

NOTE: Ensure you are not already on call before carrying out the following steps.

2. Next, find the person who’s call you want to monitor.

3. In the example screenshot below we are clicking on Contacts, then searching the address book by typing “Debbie”.

Searching contacts in MX Cloud

TIP: Going forward you’ll probably find it easier to add people to your Buddies list.

4. Click on the contact you want to monitor, and their details will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, as illustrated below:

Contact details in MX Cloud

5. Click on the three green dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen (on the same level as the call / video and screen share icons)

MX Cloud call monitoring

6. Select Active calls.

Active Calls in MX Cloud

7. The current Active calls for that person will now show.
You can see in the example below, that there is an active call in progress to a mobile number.

8. Move your mouse over the Active call, and the three green dots icon will display again. You will then see the following options:

Silent monitoring in MX Cloud

9. Click on the required option and you’ll receive an inbound call, which will connect you to the call with the selected characteristics.

You can select one the following options:

Silent Monitoring

This option enables you to hear both sides of the current call – neither party will
know that you are listening in and cannot hear you.

Barge In

In this option the agent already on the call will be muted and the agent and the
caller will be able hear you when you speak.


This option allows you to hear both parties on the call, and you will be able to
talk to the agent at the same.

10. You will be connected to the Active call using the requested method. In your own active call session, you’ll see Monitor in front of the active call.

Monitoring a call in MX Cloud

11. If you need to change your monitoring method during the call, simply go back to the active call and select the new call monitoring method.

12. Once you have finished simply hang up the call.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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