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How to communicate with external parties in MX Cloud – Part 1: Invite external parties to an audio call, video call or chat

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As an MX Cloud user, you’ll already be familiar with the ease in which you can make an audio or video call and chat with other users on your phone system, but what if the person you need to contact is a not part of your phone system?

No problem!

MX Cloud now incorporates the ability to invite and include anyone who has access to the Internet, meaning no need to switch out to other applications.

How do I do this?

NOTE: This feature needs to be enabled by your system administrator. If the “Invite by Link” option detailed below doesn’t show in your MX Cloud application, this indicates that the feature needs to be enabled, or access granted to your user account, by your system administrator.

Once enabled you can continue to the below steps:

1. The first step is to create your unique external chat link.
It’s the same link no matter what form of interaction you want to start, i.e. a chat, a video call or a screen sharing session.

  • Your link is found by clicking on your Avatar logo (or your initials if not set) in the top left-hand corner of the MX Cloud app screen.

2. Click on the logo, not your name, otherwise you will access your presence settings.

MX Cloud Avator Logo

3. The “My Info” screen is displayed.

MX Cloud My Info Screen

NOTE: There are additional options displayed here, such as your mobile phone number, email address. This is where you can update these, along with your Avatar or photo.

4. Click on “Invite to chat by link” and then select the required expiration period for your link. You can also add an optional password which needs to be entered when the other party joins the chat.
When ready click OK.

MX Cloud Invite to chat by link
MX Cloud Link Expiration and Password

5. You will now see a tool tip display for a second or two, advising the link has been copied to your clipboard. This link is a URL which the other party pastes into their browser.

6. Send the link to the person you want to invite. If you set a password, then they’ll also need to be advised of this.

7. When the external party browses to the link, they’ll see the below:

MX Cloud paste external link in browser

8. In this is example we have sent the link to “Andrew”, so he enters his name, and because a password was entered when the link was created, he also needs to enter the password that he has been provided with.

9. The “Join” button will then go green and can be clicked. Andrew is then asked how he would like to join.

There are three options:

  • Using Computer audio
  • Via a standard phone call
  • With no audio

Let’s explore each of these joining options.

Join with Computer Audio

Selecting this option allows the external party to select audio devices configured and available on their computer.

If they have multiple options for microphone, speaker and/or available camera’s they’ll be able to select their preferred devices at this point.

Depending upon their browser security settings they may also see pop-ups from their browser confirming access to these devices.

How to join a call with Computer Audio in MX Cloud
Use audio devices in MX Cloud

Once the green “OK” button is pressed Andrew is immediately able to see the presence status of the person who sent the invite and is able to start a chat, audio or video call.

MX Cloud Presence status

Join via a standard call

Selecting this option Andrew is asked to enter his contact number, such as a land line or mobile number.

MX Cloud enter a phone number

Entering a number turns the “OK” button green and Andrew is immediately able to see the Presence status of the person who sent the invite and start a chat.

MX Cloud how to join via a standard call

The originator is alerted to Andrew joining the Chat and sending the instant message.

Below you can see the MX Cloud application screen, with the options for placing a call, starting a video session and screen share.

MX Cloud how to join via a standard call

If the “Green” call button is pressed, the system automatically dials the contact number entered by Andrew and an audio call is established.

MX Cloud how to join via a standard call

NOTE: Your phone system must allow calls to the number entered by the user, otherwise the call will fail.

Join with no audio

It is possible to join a call with no audio. This option can be used if you’d just like to chat or screen share with an external party.

If no audio is selected then Andrew is added to the chat, and the originator will be advised.

MX Cloud how to join with no audio

NOTE: Because there is no contact number for Andrew, if the originator presses the “Call” button the call will fail, and an error message will be displayed.

At any time, the external party can go into the Chat settings on their screen and enter a contact number, or simply enter a contact number as part of the Chat session.

What can you do once the session is established?

As soon as your session has started you both have all the standard MX Cloud client options available.

To find out how to screen share, chat, exchange files and conference call with an external party in MX Cloud, read our follow up blog ‘How to communicate with external parties in MX Cloud – Part 2‘.

Additional Information

Depending upon the expiration settings for the link you setup, the external party can contact you again in the future if follow up sessions are needed.

Further Information

If, as a System Administrator, you would like to enable this feature on your own phone system, or if you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or