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IT Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Explained


Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a plan for small to medium sized organisations, typically with up to 300 users, that enables users to access the latest versions of Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as connectivity applications such as Outlook, Exchange and Teams.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium has recently been upgraded and we wanted to highlight some critical capabilities that can help your company on a variety of levels, including device management, security, compliance, and identity and access management.

What security features does Microsoft 365 Business Premium offer?

We’ll go through what you can expect from Microsoft 365 Business Premium and how your organisation can make use of its extensive feature set in the sections below.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a great feature within Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which provides enterprise-level cloud device management to your SMB.

If your organisation is looking to move away from traditional imaging technologies and replace outdated on-premise solutions such as System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) or bring your own device (BYOD) building and management, utilising Intune could be a great feature for you.

Intune can work alongside or may even replace traditional Group Policy setups, which can help your organisation in moving towards cloud technologies.

Intune enables you to publish apps to your users from the cloud and manage device compliance and configuration to make sure that your users’ devices are fit to access your company’s resources.

Our summary is that Intune brings advanced functionality to SMBs that were previously only available through more expensive business licencing – providing enhanced security safeguards to users wherever they are working from.

Defender for Endpoint

Defender for Endpoint protects your Windows devices as well as MacOS, Android, and iOS devices.

It has some great features including behavioural analysis and automated investigation and repair, which both help to secure your Windows machines.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium users can also use the built-in web filtering solution that comes with Microsoft Defender. We think this is particularly noteworthy, as it adds an extra layer of security and gives peace of mind, while decreasing the need for third-party solutions.

Conditional Access

We think that Conditional Access rules and Dynamic groups are two notable enhancements in Microsoft 365 Business Premium that provide better control and simplify access management.

Dynamic groups can be used to dynamically group users/devices depending on variables or attributes, such as department, allowing policy assignment to be automated based on other parameters.

Organisational access control can be fine-tuned via Conditional Access. Other device types can be restricted at the perimeter and multi-factor authentication can be enforced if you exclusively use Windows devices, giving more control and protection.

Conditional Access now comes as standard with 365 Business Premium licencing.

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