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It’s not always convenient to listen to Voicemails, so why not read them instead?

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Whether you are using Microsoft Teams Phone with external calling, or MX-Cloud hosted PBX, you have the option for Voicemails to be presented to you as text. This is commonly referred to as voicemail transcription.

Sometimes it may not be appropriate for you to listen to the voicemail in the app on your mobile device, or you may be away from your desk.

This helpful feature gives you the ability to read the voicemail instantly.

How do I do this?

Whether it is Microsoft Teams Phone or MX-Cloud, the option to enable Voicemail Transcription is included as standard.

MX Cloud

If you are an MX-Cloud user, then the feature is configured by the phone system administrator and then enabled for all voicemails or for specific user and call groups. 

If you are not currently using this feature, please contact our support team and we can help you get Voicemail transcription enabled.

Microsoft Teams Phone

If you are a Microsoft Teams Phone user, then Voicemail transcription can be enabled or disabled for your own extension, or for shared groups. This is determined by your assigned Voicemail policy and the Call group configuration.

Both settings are in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre and can be completed by your Microsoft Teams administrator.

What does it look like? – Voicemail transcription

MX Cloud

In the ZAC client, navigate to your own or a call group Voicemail inbox and then click once on the Voicemail to expand the details.

MX Cloud - voicemail transcription

If you have enabled Voicemail to Email notifications, you will also receive an email advising a Voicemail has been left and you will be able to see the transcription.

Microsoft Teams Phone

In Microsoft Teams, first select your Voicemails.

Microsoft Teams Phone - voicemail transcription

Then click on the Voicemail to expand the details.

Microsoft Teams - Voicemail as test

Additional Information

NOTE: If you are a Microsoft Teams user then voicemails for Shared Groups are handled separately, but you will still have the mp3 and transcription of the Voicemail included in the email notification.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or