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Make your Cue tiles stand out in Business Central


In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Cue tiles are useful for showing a headline number of entries that relate to that tile.

The tiles that are displayed by default depend on the Role you are assigned. The default is to just display totals and provide a quick link into the page that the tile relates to.

You can set the cue tiles to change colour based on certain parameters, instead of all being the same colour.

How do I do this?

This is simple to do and can be applied to most, if not all, of the Cue tiles that are displayed in your role.

Let’s work through an example to find out how this can be done.

In the below scenario we want to make a change to Sales Invoices Tile, so that it appears as a different colour when there are 5 or more un-posted invoices.

1. Go to Cue Set up form, which is found in the Tell Me more screen.

Cue set up in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

2. Most Cue tiles are found in Table 1313, just click on New.

Edit Cue tile activity in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

3. Add 1313 in the Table ID column, then select the Cue tile activity you want to edit from the list.

Fields lookup in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

4. Then, just apply the limits on when the colour should change.

  • Low Range Style = when Tile No < Threshold 1
  • Middle Range Style = when tile No is between Threshold 1 and 2
  • High Range Style = when tile No exceeds threshold 2

NOTE: In this example we have set a Threshold 1 = 4 and Threshold 2 and 10 with styles as shown below:

Cue tiles thresholds in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

5. We’ll then achieve the following outcome with the Sales invoices Cue tile.

Sales invoice cue tile in Business Central
Further Information

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