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Manage your CRM Opportunities and Activities more effectively using a Kanban Board


Viewing your task related data (such as Opportunities and Activities) using a “Kanban” board can help you to more easily visualise the status of current workloads, your sales pipeline and the progress made against outstanding tasks.

How do I set up a Kanban Board?

From within the “classic” Advanced Settings, find the entity that you’d like to add the Kanban “control” to. Switch to the “Controls” tab and select “Add Control”:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Kanban Board

Select the “Kanban” control from the options available and click on Add, then select the interface that you’d like to use the new control (Web). Finally, save and publish the change.

Kanban Board in action

Once all configured and published, it might take a few minutes for the search index to be updated, but once updated the search results should now reflect the additional column.

Once added to either Opportunity or Activity records, those records are then presented in a table format with a brief summary of the key data, it’s current sales stage and a count of other records with the same status and the total value of the Opportunities at that sales stage.

The really neat feature of this control is that it’s easy to just pick up a record and re-organise, by either moving the record to a new column to update its status, or dragging and dropping records to re-prioritise (though if you navigate away, the sorting is lost).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Kanban Control

Of course, it’s very easy to switch back to the traditional Grid view of the data – in the top right hand corner there should be an option to “Show As” with the option to switch to the Grid View.

Additional Information

You can find more information about the Dynamics CRM Kanban control in use here and how to add it to Dynamics here. Currently the Kanban control is only supported for Activity and Opportunity records.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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