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Managing and personalising views in Dynamics 365 CRM


For some time now, Dynamics 365 CRM users have been able to add columns and amend views in a user-friendly way. Microsoft have continued to add functionality to this feature, and it has now replaced the old way of creating and managing personal views.

This blog will show you how to:

  • Add columns
  • Edit filters
  • Save these changes as a personal view
  • Organise this personal view

Adding Columns

There are two buttons available for you on a view, in the top right-hand corner – Edit columns and Edit filters. Let’s firstly explore what the function of the Edit columns button is.

Edit Colums in Dynamics 365 CRM

Clicking on Edit columns will allow you to reorganise the order of columns, by dragging them up and down, or removing the column – use the ellipsis menu (3 dots) on each column to do this.

If you want to add columns, you are given the choice of selecting columns in the main table of the view, or columns from related data. This is presented on 2 tabs, Account and Related.

Simply select the columns you want to add, click Close and then Apply.

Add columns in Dynamics 365 CRM

Changing the Filter Criteria

Now let’s explore what the function of the Edit filters button is.

When you select Edit Filters, the current filters are shown. You can now add rows, remove rows (using the ellipses next to the row) or group rows by applying either AND or OR logic in the group.

Edit filters in Dynamics 365 CRM

When selecting ‘Add related entity’, make sure you select the right field/table combination that you would like to filter on. You’ll then be asked to choose the field on this related table that is to be filtered.

Against the field you can do exact matches or fuzzy logic – this list is dependent on the data type.

For instance, on a date, you can filter for before/after/on a particular day.

Add related entity in Dynamics 365 CRM

Below is an example of a filter that shows:

  • active Accounts
  • owned by the current user
  • where there is a Primary Contact
  • who is in either UK or USA
Advanced Find Options in Dynamics 365 CRM

Creating a Personal View

When a view has been amended, the result is displayed with a little * against the view’s name, as illustrated in the image below.

My active contacts in Dynamics 365 CRM

To create a personal view, simply select the down arrow and click on:

  • Save as new view
  • Save to existing view (if you are amending a personal view)

Organising your Views

You can now de-activate or hide your personal views with a further option to sort your views alphabetically, System before Personal or Personal before System, as shown in the image below.

The major benefit behind this change is the ability to manage your views more effectively.

Organising your views in Dynamics CRM

Additional Information

Use this link to find a series of pages on the Microsoft site regarding this topic

Further Information

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