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Managing your voicemail greetings in MX Cloud

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You can easily update your voicemail greetings, whether for your own voicemail or a call group, using the ZAC application.

You can maintain up to four different pre-recorded voicemail greetings simultaneously. Furthermore, you can designate one as “Active”, or you can use call handling rules to automatically direct the caller to the voicemail greeting of your choice.

For example, you can automatically play a distinct voicemail greeting when your presence status is Offline or In a Meeting. Additionally, you can use one message for external callers and another for internal users.

You also have the option to record a voicemail greeting indicating you are on annual leave. However, you can use call handling rules to ensure it plays only during the dates you specify.

How do I do this?

Recording a greeting

1. First, click on the Voicemail Icon, located on the left-hand side of ZAC.

Voicemail in MX Cloud

2. Then, click on the green Greetings button and your existing greetings are listed.

Voicemail settings in ZAC MX Cloud

NOTE: The Recorded Name, shown in the image above, is not strictly a Voicemail greeting but a recording of your name. This means that when someone calls, they’ll hear your name rather than your extension number when they are advised the call has been passed to your voicemail.

3. To record a new greeting or replace an existing greeting, first select the greeting so it is highlighted.

4. Click on the blue record/microphone icon and start recording your new message. Press again to Stop the recording.

TIP: You can play and re-record as necessary.

NOTE: ZAC will be using the recording device selected in the settings menu for Auto and Video Devices/ Record Voicemails.

5. To edit the name of the greeting, click on the greeting and then on the pencil icon.

Record a greeting in MX Cloud
Setting your greeting

The greeting that is played to a caller is based upon your own call handling settings.

You can create a rule which always plays the “Active” greeting message, or you can create rule(s) which will play the greeting you specify.

NOTE: Your active Greeting is always the greeting with the Green tick against it.

Setting a greeting in MX Cloud

1. To change your active greeting highlight the new greeting, click on the grey dot so it turns green and then press Apply.

Activating your greeting

Now the greeting(s) have been recorded, you can create call handling rules to ensure the best message is being played to your callers.

1. In the ZAC application, select Settings and then the Call Handling Tab.

Applying your greeting in MX Cloud

2. If created, your existing Rules are displayed. You can edit this or create new Rules, but remember a Rule is only active if there is a tick against it, and rules are matched starting from the top rule, working down.

3. To create a simple rule which sends an unanswered call to Voicemail and plays your “Active” greeting, click on the Plus to create a new rule.

4. Give the rule a name.

5. Change the “Event to “No answer”.

6. Set the “no answer time”.

7. Click “OK”, then click “Apply”, and “OK”.

TIP: If you want to always play your recorded greeting number 4, for example, then simply select this from the drop down where you see “Active greeting” in green.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or