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Microsoft Copilot – new AI chat features and how you interact with the web, using Bing and Edge


Last month, we introduced you to Microsoft Copilot, the platform from Microsoft, designed to be your everyday AI companion.

Microsoft have announced even more innovative features that their AI offering can deliver, centered around how you interact with the web.

There are new chat features within the web browsers Bing and Edge. You can use Bing Chat today with Microsoft Edge or at You’ll see the new features begin to roll out soon.

What are the new features?

In our last blog we looked at how Microsoft Copilot seamlessly integrates into Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, now let’s delve into how it works with Edge and Bing.

– Personalised answers

This feature enables your chat history to inform your results. For example, if you’ve used Bing to track your favourite music artist, next time you’re planning a trip it can proactively tell you if that artist is playing in your destination city.

NOTE: You can turn this feature off in Bing settings, if you would prefer responses that don’t use your chat history.

– Copilot in Microsoft shopping

When using Bing or Edge for online shopping, you can now more quickly find what you’re looking for online. 

When you ask for information on an item, Bing will ask additional questions to learn more, then use that information to provide more tailored recommendations. It will also ensure that you’re getting the best price!

TIP: You’ll also soon be able to use a photo or saved image as the starting point for shopping!

– Microsoft 365 Chat

Microsoft 365 Chat sifts through all your work-related data, encompassing emails, meetings, chats, documents, and more, as well as online content.

Functioning like a knowledgeable assistant, it has a profound understanding of your role, priorities, and organisational context. Its capabilities extend beyond basic queries, offering valuable assistance with intricate or laborious tasks, such as crafting a strategic document, arranging a business trip, or managing email correspondence.

NOTE: Currently, Preview customers can utilise it on, Teams, or in Bing by signing in with their work account. In the future, accessibility will extend to wherever the Copilot icon is present when signed in with your work account.

– New capabilities for Copilot in Outlook, Word, Excel, Loop, OneNote and OneDrive

In recent years, the pace and volume of work have surged. On an average workday, some users conduct 18 searches, handle over 250 Outlook emails, and engage in nearly 150 Teams chats!

Globally, Teams users now attend three times as many meetings each week compared to 2020. Additionally, some Windows users navigate through 11 different apps in a single day to accomplish their tasks.

Microsoft 365 Chat is designed to simplify this complexity, eliminate tedious tasks, and help you reclaim valuable time at work.

Take a look at this video from Microsoft to see what Microsoft 365 chat can do for you:

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