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Never miss that important phone call again!

Cloud Telephony & Connectivity

Receive calls from VIP callers even when you are on a call, in a meeting, or away from your desk

Does this sound familiar…

You have been trying to talk to a colleague, customer, or supplier for days but keep getting their voicemail.

When they call you back, you are in that one short meeting in an otherwise free schedule – and they leave you a voicemail.

Wouldn’t it be nice to always be contactable by key staff or VIP numbers?

MX-Cloud has easy to use, powerful call handling rules, which enable you to control how and when your calls are answered.

Note: As an MX-Cloud user – you are no doubt already using the standard call handling rules to automatically divert calls to voicemail/another staff member or team – when you are unavailable to take calls.

But this extended ‘Call Handling Rule’ – gives you even greater control.

How do I do this – Important Calls in MX Cloud?

To set up a new rule whereby you can forward your phone to voicemail or a colleague, but still be contactable directly by key staff or VIP numbers, follow the steps below:

Within the ZAC client of MX Cloud, there are ‘Call Handling Rules’.

1. Select the ellipsis (3 dots) in the top right hand corner

2. Select Settings, then click on “Call Handling” – Any existing call handling rules will be displayed

3. Click on the “plus” sign to create a new rule

4. In the Action List (on the left-hand side) select “Find me” and your screen will then look like this:

Call handling rules - MX Cloud
Fig 1

5. As with all call handling rules, you set the high-level conditions on the left, and then enter the specific settings on the right.

6. The text in green (as shown in Fig 1) can be changed to suit your specific conditions and values. Simply click on the green text to add your values.

Call scenario – you don’t want to miss a call from a specific number

When your presence is set to “Busy”, “At Lunch” or “In a Meeting” – you would like your calls to automatically be forwarded to your voicemail greeting.

However, you are expecting a call from a specific number, 0123456789 – and if this number calls, you would like to receive that call on your mobile phone (07123456789).

You would still like the option to decline though – if for example the sounding environment is not conducive to a business-related call.

For this scenario – the conditions and values you should set are detailed below (and shown in Fig 2):

a. On the left (high-level conditions) underneath ‘Events’ select “Any incoming call”

b. On the left (high-level conditions) underneath ‘Conditions’ select “My Presence” & “Call Me”

  • “My Presence” – within this condition you can specify when your presence is set to “Busy”, “At Lunch” or “In Meeting”
  • “Call Me” – within this condition you can add the VIP number you want to get through to you

c. On the left (high-level conditions) select Action > Find me

  • Within this condition you can change the green text “Connect immediately” and select “ask before connect”

7. Once you have added these values your rule will look like below:

Important calls - call handling - MX cloud
Fig 2

This is just one of the many ‘Call Handling Rules’ you can create in MX Cloud – taking control of your calls. Over the coming months we will be blogging about more call handling rules – so keep watch.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or