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Save time by deleting multiple Voicemails or Personal Call Recordings in MX Cloud

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In the MX Cloud ZAC client, you can quickly delete multiple Voicemails in one go, or change the “Read Status” of multiple Voicemails.

This useful feature means that you do not need to delete or update voicemails and personal call recordings one by one – saving you time!

How do I do this?

  • First click on the Voicemail Tab.
MX Cloud Voicemail
  • Then click on the blue Edit button and from the drop down click on Delete.
MX Cloud Voicemail Options
  • The list of voicemails is updated with a radial check box against each. This allows you to select one or more voicemails to delete, alternatively you can select the Red “Delete All” button.
MX Cloud delete voicemail
  • Then, depending on the number of Voicemails selected and the button pressed, you’ll be asked to confirm the delete request.
  • See the example below of the confirmation notification you’ll see when “Delete All” is pressed:
MX Cloud delete all voicemails
  • See the example below of the confirmation notification you’ll see when “Delete Selected” is pressed:
MX Cloud delete selected voicemails

NOTE: Once you have deleted the required Voicemails from your inbox, you can also repeat the same actions if you need to delete any “On Demand” call recordings.

  • Once finished, Click on the green arrow to return to the usual Voicemail listing view.
MX Cloud deleted voicemails

Additional Information – Automatic and On-Demand Call Recordings

In the set of instructions above, we have referred to deleting “On-Demand” call recordings. An “On-Demand” call recording can be enabled with a single click and the whole call will be saved, not just from the point you pressed the Record button.

If you would like your system to have the ability to record calls, either on-demand, or automatically for yourself or a call group then it’s a simple licence upgrade and some quick configuration changes to add this functionality.

Please contact our team for more information.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or