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Save time by making batch payments in Sage 50


You can use the batch supplier payment option when paying off different suppliers invoices.  This groups outstanding transactions in one window, allowing you to pay or allocate all at once.

NOTE: Batch supplier payments is only available in Sage 50 Accounts Professional. 

How do I make batch payments in Sage 50?

1. Click Bank accounts then click Batch supplier payment.

Depending on the size of the display, you may need to choose Batch supplier payment from the Payments drop-down list.

batch payments in Sage 50

2. To filter the list of transactions, from the Show drop-down list, choose one of the following:

  • All – Shows all transactions.
  • Due – Only shows transactions on or after their due date. The due date of a transaction is based on the Payment Due date in the supplier record when the transaction is posted.
  • Date range – If you choose this option you can enter the from and to date, which then only shows transactions in that range.

3. If you require a record of these items click Print List.

4. To automatically allocate all of the outstanding transactions together and post a payment for the balance, click Pay All.

5. To manually select which items are to be allocated or paid, select the item lines then click Pay In Full.

TIP: In v28.1 and above, if your supplier is configured for BACS/SEPA and you use e-payments, you can select the check box to create an e-payment.

6. To part pay a transaction, click into the relevant payment box then enter the amount to be paid.

7. To save the batch, click Save.

Good to know!

  • In Sage 50 Accounts v28.1 and above, this window now features the Ex. Reference field.
  • You can’t allocate transactions from different accounts together. So, for example, a credit from Account One can’t be allocated to an invoice from Account Two.
  • If your Bank Defaults are set to always create remittances, after posting your batch supplier payments you can also print remittances for them.
  • If you’ve made an error, you can edit a supplier payment (PP) transaction.
Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or


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