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Save time with these useful Windows shortcut keys


Windows 10/11 includes plenty of keyboard shortcuts to make your end user experience easier.

Windows shortcut keys help you navigate around the desktop / laptop operating system quicker.

With the Windows operating system, keyboard shortcuts are a smarter way to navigate and perform actions using one or multiple key combos, which otherwise can take end users longer to click and complete the task with a mouse.

How do I use these keyboard shortcuts?

Microsoft has lots of Windows shortcut keys, but you just cannot learn every shortcut on the operating system. And people cannot always remember those that can help make life easier and improve productivity.

So, we have put together a list of the best ones to save you time.

Below are some popular Shortcuts:

Ctrl + A

Select all content within an application

Ctrl + C

Copy selected items to the local clipboard

Ctrl + V

Paste selected items from the local clipboard

Ctrl + Shift + N

This creates a new folder on the local desktop or within File Explorer

Alt + F4

Close an active Window, please note, if you have no active windows, a shutdown box will appear


Close the current task

Alt + Esc

This will cycle through your open Windows

Windows Key + E

This will launch File Explorer

Windows Key + L

This will lock your Windows machine

Windows Key + P

This will launch the Project display Settings

Windows Key + M

This will minimize all Windows on your screen

Windows Key + I

This will launch the Windows desktop settings menu
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