Security – importance of auto-patching PCs

When you have a business that relies on computer systems for any number of different aspects of day-to-day running duties, the need to stay current with updates is a key concern. It’s pretty hard to find an organisation that doesn’t rely on some form of computer these days, as even the smallest SME or sole trader will be using a personal device of some kind for communications and data management at the very least.

This means that your desktop computers, laptops or other devices are vital business tools and so you need to make sure they are making use of the latest safety, security and efficiency updates and versions.


A small update to a software system running on a computer is often called a software ‘patch’ and these are released by companies such as Microsoft and Apple on a semi-regular basis. In some circumstances, emergency patches are rushed out to deal with a new vulnerability that has come to light, and newly released software receive patches ‘on the go’ to make changes and fix problems that users have reported.

Platform Support

You might well be one of the many people who are too busy getting on with the actual work of running your business to be able to keep up to date with all the latest patches and releases, which is why GCC have developed a support platform to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

The devices and platforms the service covers include:

  • Desktop PC
  • Desktop Apple Mac
  • Laptop PC, Apple MacBook or Air
  • Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book
  • Windows, Android and iOS tablets
  • Windows, Android and iOS smartphones

Benefits of using auto-patching support

One of the biggest benefits of using this type of auto-patching support service is the peace of mind it can bring in regards of data security. In today’s online world there are ever-present dangers that come from malicious hackers and accidental security breaches alike.

By making sure that your hardware and software is fully up to date with the latest patches, you can put yourself in the strongest position to fight back against the threats.

Full service

GCC’s service offers full remote monitoring which gives alerts based on alert maintenance and compliance issues as well as covering the all-important aspects of full Windows patching and updating, with a daily update automatic scan.

In a worst-case scenario where your system is infected with malware, as long as your PC has had the recommended protection, GCC will provide a free PC rebuild and even offer a free laptop on loan while the work is done.

Data security

The importance of data security, both in terms of your own business records and any third party details entrusted to you, is a huge issue today and is only going to get even bigger. By ignoring the need for your core systems to have the most current patches, you are not only leaving yourself open to interruptions to productivity but also to possible fines and reputational damage due to third party data loss.

Using a pro-active hardware and software support service such as that provided by GCC means you can mitigate dangers and get on with the real work of running your business. Get in touch with GCC to see how they can help you stay secure.

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