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Unleash your creativity with Designer and Copilot in Microsoft 365


Following on from our blogs on Microsoft Copilot and using Bing and Edge, let’s delve into the latest addition in the suite of Microsoft 365 apps: Designer.

Designer helps you effortlessly craft eye-catching visuals, social media posts, invitations, and more through state-of-the-art AI technology.

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Microsoft have unveiled some impressive new features, which leverage the capabilities of OpenAI’s Dall.E 3 model. This Generative Expand feature uses AI to make impressive images.

The Generative Fill feature introduces new objects or backgrounds, and Generative Erase can eliminate unwanted elements.

Soon, Dall.E 3 functionality will enhance the image generation experience in Designer, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate original, high-quality images into your designs within seconds – sounds impressive!

– Using designer in Microsoft Copilot 365

Microsoft are seamlessly integrating Designer into Microsoft 365 Copilot – beginning with Word.

Designer leverages the context of your document to suggest visuals for you to choose from, and you can personalise it further by uploading your own photos. In just moments, you can effortlessly enhance a text-heavy document with bespoke graphics.

Microsoft are currently conducting tests of Microsoft 365 Copilot with a select group of Microsoft 365 subscribers and anticipate expanding the preview to a broader audience in the future.

With creative tools like Designer, alongside Bing Image Creator, Clipchamp, and Paint, you’ll have the ability to generate an immediate visual draft for nearly anything with just a few simple prompts.

Take a look at this video from Microsoft to see what Microsoft Copilot and Designer in Word can do for you:

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