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Using visual aids and emojis in Dynamics 365 CRM


There is a well-known saying: a picture paints a thousand words.

Whilst using Dynamics 365 CRM, an emoji can paint 1 or 2 words very effectively in your system.

How can I use emojis in Dynamics 365 CRM?

In any field, which is either a fixed list or a text value, you can add an emoji.

It is as simple as using the Windows shortcut. Simply hold down the windows key and press the semi colon. Then choose the most appropriate emoji.                                   

Emojis in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Examples of use

Using visual aids or emojis in Dynamics 365 CRM can help users easily identify items in a long, drop-down list. A great way to improve efficiency!

GCC’s Sales Basepack (Dynamics 365 CRM) will use visual aids or emojis on the Opportunity, to allow the user to select a rating. This makes it easier for users to quickly see a rating or a status.

Emoji ratings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

In the Customer Service area, you could use visual aids or emojis to show a list of statuses against your Cases, as illustrated below.

Using emojis in Dynamics 365 CRM

Another example of using visual aids in Dynamics 365 CRM would be to implement customisations which display a traffic light column on a view.

The red, amber and green would be based on your rules.

For example, in the below contact list, it will show red when a Contact has not been emailed or phoned in the last year, amber if longer than 6 months and green if contacted within 6 months.

The traffic light system can aid Account Managers or salespeople in keeping on top of their pipeline.

Visual aids in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Additional information

GCC include some visual aid and emoji customisations in our Sales Basepack.

If there are bespoke customisations you would like to include in your Dynamics 365 CRM system, please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to discuss.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

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