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What is a Model Driven App and which do I have?


If you are a licensed user of Dynamics 365 CRM, you will be given access, in a browser of your choice, to an application to access and manipulate your Dynamics 365 data.

You might also have access to additional applications or even custom developed applications specific to your company and/or user profile.

To see the applications that are available to you, simply click on the name of your app for a screen to pop. This will then show you your applications, as illustrated below.

Model driven app in Dynamics 365 CRM

What are the standard applications?

Standard applications in Dynamics 365 CRM

NOTE: In addition to the above, there are a number of other applications such as Surveys and Voice of the Customer. Access and visibility will be very much dependent on the Dynamics 365 setup and your user profile.

What if I have custom applications?

You might find that your Dynamics 365 provider (GCC) has configured a custom application which is tailored to your specific requirements. This might therefore show more or less data, forms, and views.

For instance, you might have a custom table called Projects which is only available on your companies’ custom application.

Your user profile would have to have been granted access to this app for it to be shown on the list of available applications.

What can I find in an application?

Model Driven App
Model Driven App
Further Information

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