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What’s new in Business Central 2021 wave 1? – the ability to pick customer dimensions

Summary – What’s new in Business Central 2021 wave 1?

What’s new in Business Central 2021 wave 1? – Did you know that instead of allowing users to pick any dimension value, users can now pick from a predefined list of allowed dimension values?

The Wave 1 2021 brings the ability to correct dimensions on general ledger entries.

What does this mean for Business Central users?

This is an extremely useful update as the Microsoft update notes explain:

When a data entry mistake happens, either in journal entries, document posting, or data added through APIs, it distorts the picture of the business you get from financial analyses. Often, the data is used only for financial reporting, and doesn’t necessarily need to be corrected on the source document.

On the General Ledger Entries page, the Correct Dimensions action lets you correct dimensions on posted entries by editing the dimension value, adding new dimensions, or removing them. Administrators can also lock dimensions for corrections, specify that corrections must respect closed accounting periods, and view a change log for a given G/L entry in order to revert the entry to its original value.

The below video walks through these changes:

How do I get this?

For Business Central online you will get this update automatically during the Wave 1 2021 updates.

Further Information

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