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Would you like to be able to place a call on hold on one device and retrieve it on another in Microsoft Teams Phone?

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Have you ever found yourself on a Microsoft Teams call on your PC/laptop at home and need to answer the door to a delivery driver at a key moment on the call?

Or maybe a meeting is overrunning, and you need to leave for your next meeting but need to continue listening to the first meeting on your mobile phone?

Using the park feature in Microsoft Teams Phone is a simple solution to these scenarios!

Using this feature enables you to place a call on hold on one device and retrieve it on another device. You can then continue the call on another device, such as your mobile phone, whilst moving around.

How do I do this – placing a call on hold & picking up on another device?

While the call is live on your PC/laptop – select More actions, and then from the sub-menu select Park Call.

Placing a call on hold - Microsoft Teams Phone

A unique code will appear on the screen. You will need this code to retrieve your call on your mobile device – so take note of this code.

Microsoft Teams -= placing a call on hold

Now using your mobile phone, go to the Teams app and select Calls.

Click on the button Parked Calls, and enter the code noted down from earlier and pick up the call!

It’s easy to do! – We suggest you try this on a few internals calls first to familiarise yourself with this feature.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or

Microsoft Teams Phone

For many businesses traditional landlines are being replaced by cloud-based phone systems such as Microsoft Teams Phone. This enables employees to access all the benefits of the traditional desk phone, from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams Phone can be used through Microsoft Teams with seamless integration. This simplifies business communications and enables businesses to move away from legacy on premise phone systems.

Designed for small and medium sized businesses – with flexible licencing & quick deployment.

Speak to a member of the GCC team to see how you could benefit from cloud telephony.