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Would you like to be notified when someone’s presence status changes in MX Cloud?

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We have all needed to catch up with a colleague but keep missing them as they take multiple phone calls or switch from being in a meeting to grabbing some lunch.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be alerted the moment they come off the phone, or return from lunch and become available?

With presence alerts you can do this.

How do I do this?

There are several ways to initiate a phone call in ZAC, but in this example, we have simply started to enter our colleague’s name in our Buddies list.

ZAC Buddies list

It’s immediately clear that Debbie is temporarily away from her desk, but we don’t know exactly when she will be back.

Rather than having to keep checking her presence status we can set a Presence Alert with just a few clicks.

Click 1 – Click on the colleague’s name and you’ll see their details and contact history on the right-hand side.

ZAC Contact Details

Click 2 – In the colleague’s tab on the right, click on the Presence text, for example, “Be right Back” and the list of Presence Alert options is displayed.

ZAC Presence Alert options

Click 3 – We want to know when Debbie becomes Available again, so click on Available.
If your requirements were different, you can select one or more presence status and you’ll be alerted when that users’ presence status becomes active.

The Presence Alert has now been set – You’ll see confirmation of this wherever you see Debbie in ZAC, so in address books, Buddies, Contact Tab etc. – with a little yellow “alarm bell” icon against the presence status text.

ZAC Presence alert notifications

That’s it! The Presence Alert is now set allowing you to get on with other activities.

What happens next?

Now wait for the Alert to trigger.

When Debbie returns and her Presence status changes to Available, you’ll receive a Pop-Up Notification on your screen.

ZAC Available Status

Click on this notification and ZAC will preselect the contact Tab for Debbie, allowing you to immediately contact Debbie, via a voice call, video call, instant message or start a screen share.

ZAC Contact a colleague

Don’t need the Alert anymore?

A Presence Alert is automatically cleared once it’s been triggered, but if you wanted to cancel a presence alert before it’s been triggered, you can simply repeat the same steps as when the Alert was created but instead of adding, remove the Presence alerts selected and press Apply.  The alert, and the “Alarm bell” are then cleared.

Additional Information

Using Presence Status, Presence Text and Presence Alerts is just one way the MX-Cloud Unified Communications solution is helping to keep teams connected in today’s distributed and hybrid work environments.

As a user you can also create Call Handling rules to re-direct calls exactly as you need. If you are new to Call Handling Rules, why not see our previous Blog on Call Handling Rules to find out more.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or