“Business-information technology alignment, the “holy grail” of organizations, integrates the information technology to the strategy, mission, and goals of the organization.” Source: Wikipedia 

It’s not possible to do business today without technology, but IT needs to grow as a business grows, it has to be secure and businesses should take advantage of new technology to maintain a keen productive and competitive edge. 

GCC helps small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) maximise return when making an investment in information technology.

We support a way of thinking about SMB technology, which applies large enterprise practices yet best serves SMB requirements at an operational cost that a small to medium sized business can afford.

It means making helping to make sure that your technology keeps pace as your business becomes more complex when it grows. It means ensuring that your company data is secure and that you are protected from malware, security risks, vulnerabilities and spam. And it means taking advantage of the best technology to delight your customers, optimise operational efficiency and keep an edge over your competitors.

  • Grow Efficiently – As your business grows in size and complexity, it is essential that your technology supports that growth
  • Connect with Customers – Your buyers are now more informed. Use technology to build fruitful and engaging relationships with your customers.
  • Safeguard Your Business – As your reliance on technology increases, keep your data safe and protected on your whole IT platform.
  • Business Anywhere – Stay agile. Businesses today have to be able to work anytime, anywhere, across almost any location, time zone, or device.

GCC helps deliver solutions for small and medium sized businesses who wish to make an investment in technology. We have significant experience in business and process improvement consulting, and our knowledge of IT solutions allows us to offer clients advice with a “real world” focus on business objectives.

We act as a trusted IT advisor, perhaps even a virtual IT Director where businesses don’t have dedicated IT resource, and delivery of long-term value is at the core of our technology advice.

Our approach to consulting is designed to ensure that technology planning puts you in a position to achieve growth, mitigate risk and to be safe from malicious activities. It allows you to take advantage of new technology for maximum gain.

Let us help develop your technology plans to support your future.