We all rely more and more on technology, and it has become increasingly important to ensure we understand the increased risk that IT adds to business operations. Challenges and frustrations may arise when systems are down. More importantly, we must protect ourselves against security vulnerabilities and attacks, as they can have a lasting impact on our development and growth.

Ensure technology works when you need it

As reliance on technology increases, so too must the importance of ensuring that a technology plan includes risk assessment. Solid safety measures are a foundation of a Technology Strategy; it ensures that a business will continue to operate if faced with serious technology challenges. Some questions about safety and reliability will include:

  • Is your data safe?
  • Are you protected from network attacks, viruses and malware such as Ransomware?
  • Have you built redundancy into your mission critical systems to ensure your business will continue if faced with a system or communications problem?

Minimise Impact of Technology Issues

GCC offers clients the following services to assess and mitigate technology risk to your business.

IT Assessment 

As you continue to grow, invest in your business and incorporate new technology you want to be sure that you’re building on a firm foundation. You want to focus on growing your business, uninterrupted by technology issues. An up-to-date IT platform, with the correct people in place to support it, are all important elements needed for your peace of mind as a business manager, director or owner.

GCC’s IT Assessment will provide you with a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and, more importantly. We will critically assess areas such as infrastructure capacity, its currency and your current support resource; we can also review vendor capabilities, performance and cost levels. Our assessment will deliver a thorough, objective view of your IT operations. And we will offer practical, realistic recommendations for the improvements required to give you confidence that your technology is capable of supporting your business objectives.

Technology Risk Analysis 

Technology is great when it is works. But when things stop working, it impacts your business.  Productivity is lost, customer service is reduced and staff morale is affected. Serious IT disasters can even put you out of business. So you owe it to yourself, your staff and your customers to minimise the risks of these things happening.

GCC’s Technology Risk Assessment is a short, effective check to ensure that you are as secure as possible. We will scrutinise your data and network security to make sure that your business is adequately protected from internal and external threats, both accidental and deliberate. We will review your risks and provision for business continuity if your IT systems are disrupted, and we will assess any external services that you use. We will even provide a perspective on the physical security of your offices and other premises where technology is used. As you increase your reliance on technology, it is important to ensure that it is safe and secure, so you can be confident it will continue to serve you in all circumstances.