With proliferation of new technology ranging across all business services, the introduction of new solutions within businesses requires detailed planning. Whether it’s enabling a team of service engineers, sharing a core application with strategic customers or simply getting at information needed to make decisions, GCC offers a number of consultancy options that can open up new opportunities.

Competitive Edge

Taking advantage of new technology can make a huge difference in delighting customers and gaining an edge on competitors – but the question is always “What new technology is best for my business?”

  • How can you take advantage of the vast increase in the use of mobile devices?
  • How and when should you start to use Cloud computing?
  • Could you apply the “Internet of Things” to improve your business?
  • Can you extract better management information from large amount of data now available? Can data analysis be automated and summarised for monthly reports?

New Technology Solutions

Understanding rapid changes in business technology takes time and resources, both of which may not be available within your busy enterprise. At GCC, we maintain a watching brief on the latest technology to filter, and share information on, those that offer real solutions to business issues.

Clarifying Cloud

The availability of high-speed networks, low-cost computing and virtually unlimited storage as well as the widespread adoption of service-oriented data centres and utility computing have led to a growth in cloud computing.

Companies can scale up cloud computing as their needs increase and then decrease again as demands drops off. Cloud computing is generally offered on a pay as you go basis, where you can move IT costs from your capital to an operating expenses budget.

So, is cloud computing right for your business? It may be applicable for some aspects of your current IT platform, but not others. If it is right for your business, how do you go about migrating services or data to the cloud without disrupting your operations?

GCC can help answer these questions to ensure that you are making the most of cloud computing.

Connecting Your Workforce

Every time you read about mobile device usage, it has hugely increased. It has now reached the point where everyone has a Smartphone, a device which resembles a computer more than it does one designed for phone calls!

With access to the internet accelerating at a similar pace, everyone is on-line nearly all the time. Interestingly, everyone is uniquely identifiable through their mobile device.

All this could have a significant impact for your business – in the form of customized marketing, improved productivity, personalized service; business anywhere, anytime.

But these benefits will not come if a clear strategy is not developed, together with and a solid implementation program. That’s where GCC can help. We will help you define the mobility strategy that is right for your business; we’ll help clarify your priorities and we’ll set you up ready for an increasingly mobile world.

Your Data Strategy

Your business probably has plenty of data, and the quantity is increasing year on year. There’s a good chance that you are not getting all the value from the data that you could. If so, you probably need a data strategy – a strategy to convert all that data into intelligent information that you can use to improve your business operations and marketing.

A data strategy is more than just a technology choice. It needs sponsorship from the business at a senior level. It needs a thorough understanding of what users need from their data – content, immediacy, frequency, security, analysis, summary, drill down, etc.. You need a plan to store and manage the data in a way that supports user requirements at all levels of the business and for all job functions.

A data strategy can be rather daunting for an SMB to develop, but GCC can help. We can map a path to get you to a place where data translates into informed business decisions, and not just mountains of information. And we will be with you when it comes to the required data migration and implementation.

With a little help from GCC, your data strategy will soon be providing information which supports your business processes and workflows.