Embed ESG into the DNA of your organisation

Embed ESG into the DNA of your organisation

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is becoming an increasingly important feature of businesses.

With customers considering ESG as part of their decision-making criteria, it creates both risks and opportunities which could impact a company’s long-term outlook.

An effective ESG plan helps you connect with the heart of your business – your identity, your values, and your mission. It helps you model your business to ensure it has a positive impact on the world around it.

At GCC, we can help you develop a purpose-led plan to deliver sustainable outcomes.



Address your environmental impact with enhanced insights

All modern businesses around the world are under pressure to play their part in achieving net zero targets and to improve the overall sustainability of their operations.

Doing so can not only position your company as an environmental champion but can also mitigate business costs and risks associated with non-compliance.

Through assessing your operations, you will gain more in-depth insights into every aspect of your business and can address key areas for improvement that meet environmental goals as well as cost-reduction.

The experts at GCC can help you to develop bespoke reporting criteria to ensure you’re meeting your regulatory requirements, while identifying opportunities to improve your environmental profile.



Demonstrate meaningful engagement and your social impact

The ‘S’ in ESG stands for social. Social reporting covers the impact your business has on the world around it – from your employees to the communities you operate in.

GCC can help you leverage the right IT systems to underpin your social impact and gather important data on social issues to help you address key activities and deliver compelling reports.

GCC services cover the whole range of social impacts on your business including: human capital, product liability, sourcing, social opportunity & community outreach.

Our experts at GCC can help you deliver thorough social reports to satisfy regulators and investors.



Transparent reporting on key governance criteria

The ‘G’ in ESG refers to governance and covers factors such as policy making, the diversity of leadership and board members, pay, equality and oversight of general business operations.

While this can often be overlooked, governance failures have been at the heart of some of the biggest corporate disasters in history, including Lehman’s Brothers, Facebook’s misuse of data and Volkswagen’s emissions scandal.

Governance can be broken down into two key pillars: corporate governance & corporate behaviour.

GCC can help you draw out key insights across your governance activities, to ensure you are demonstrating responsible business practices throughout your organisation and can deliver accurate reports to the relevant audiences.