Every small‐to‐medium business in the UK deserves to access the latest technology to benefit from the transformations that innovative cloud solutions, services and infrastructure technologies can deliver:

Business intelligence

Businesses thrive on their managers’ ability to process information and make informed decisions.

It is vital that the information you receive is up‐to‐date, intuitive and accurate, allowing you to stay one step ahead of competitors.

The best source of accurate data should be your accounting system (ERP) As they say, data is the new oil and when you go mining for data you need the best data possible - GCC provide Microsoft Dynamics accounting systems for SME's that give you one version of the truth. With modern reporting we can all be visionaries rather than historians.

Workplace modernisation

It’s a 24/7 world: your customers expect you to be available almost anytime, anywhere, across almost any location, time zone, or device.

The workplace is changing: GCC technology facilitates a flexible and mobile workforce, with employees able to access everything online, and connect with their colleagues, using specialised Microsoft apps to stay‐in‐touch and boost productivity.

As employees access systems remotely, the security of your information remains a priority. Use Microsoft 365 cloud apps and security systems to defend against cyberthreats, keep customer data safe and secure your devices.

Commercial growth

Old‐world technology meant specifying, building and delivering new IT solutions in months not days – at GCC we keep‐up with modern business cadence by providing smart, fast, solution‐based delivery and agile support services to help your business benefit from new world technology.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your sales, marketing and customer service teams allows you to start small, pay monthly, be agile, adopt fast and grow.

Security and support

Protecting your business against hackers, cyber‐crime, employee misconduct and catastrophic technological failure is a vital function within your organisation, and the software you use to facilitate this has to be robust. Whether it’s your own data or your customers’ data, you want to be sure that it is safe.

Every solution that GCC Group provides comes with full access to our advanced service desk. This includes a cloud platform for monitoring, patching and protecting your network and business software whilst also handling any incidents via telephone, email or online portal. This is accompanied by the best customer service in the industry.


Society expects more of businesses than it ever has before – not just to be operationally efficient, and available at the tap of a screen, but also to be environmentally and socially responsible.

The same goes for employees who want to feel as though they are positively impacting the world through their work.

As and when we begin to open our offices once again in accordance with government guidelines, our operations will be spread over the following locations:

  • an operational hub in Gloucester for support and project management
  • a sales and consultancy showcase in London EC3N
  • sales and consultancy staff based throughout the UK

The map below shows our customer base locations with existing GCC support contracts. Historically we have focused our operations in the west and south of England, expanding up to the Midlands, but now more than ever we are able to engage remotely with businesses throughout the UK and further.

We liaise closely with GCC on all of our IT requirements and this includes not just here and now needs of general support but the guidance and insight for future developments and how this can be used for our needs. By fully understanding our working practices and industry, GCC are able to advise us on the most appropriate solutions for now and in the future.

simon Jackson

Director, JJFS