Airlines believe cloud technology is key to growth

With cloud technology slowly becoming prevalent in many key worldwide sectors, it is almost surprising when there is an area it has yet to reach. It would seem that the airline industry is now set to join the ranks, with new technology the only way envisioned to deal with the current period of rapid expansion. Sales are up, new fleets are always on order, and air traffic control is becoming busier, meaning airlines need to find a way to manage this effectively. Otherwise, they will fall behind.

There are several variables that still need addressing in the industry, on how they manage labour, carbon emissions, rising fuel costs, maintenance, and security. But, managing all this is difficult, unless they can align everything using the latest technology.

Due to the scale of the growth, as passenger numbers are expected to double again over the next two decades, without using the cloud, they will be unable to deal with the operational efficiencies needed to keep everything cost effective. Managing customer service will otherwise become almost impossible.

Given the size of their operations, this is not an easy feat, but by harnessing seamless cloud connections, they can now connect all aspects of the business to ensure everything speaks to everything else. Now that it is affordable, implementation is expected to become a priority in the next few years.

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