Amazon Web Services to incorporate blockchain into cloud computing offering

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking to build on and maintain its position in the cloud tech market, as this arm of the e-commerce giant seeks to include blockchain in its offering.

The move is set to give yet more technological capabilities to AWS, as it tries to increase its market share and keep ahead of its competitors.

This is set to allow for greater use of the hybrid cloud, and therefore give users more control over how their data is stored. For those who want to be able to keep sensitive data and programs within house, while storing everything else on the cloud, this development is set to be a useful boost.

It will also be seen as somewhat of a surprise for those who expected AWS to continue to champion the benefits of public cloud, given that they are now sharing some of their assets with VMWare instead of going it alone and delivering a single package.

These new AWS services will contain VMWare software, and both companies are set to push the program and share the revenue income.

Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMWare, said this was “a pretty big statement to the industry at large – now Amazon is going to become an on-premise hardware vendor”.

Amazon also unveiled Amazon Managed Blockchain, which is set to enable peer-to-peer payments, and allow for businesses who use their services to better manage their relationships with partners and suppliers. It is also expected to help process loans.

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