Packet and Wasabi team up to take on Amazon

2018 appears to be the year when leading businesses decided to take cloud computing to another level. No longer the preserve of established companies, such as IBM, many entrants to the market have started to up their game, taking on the bigger fish in the market. It has seen infrastructure provider, Packet, agree to partner with Wasabi, a cloud storage firm, saying that a combination of their platforms is enough to claim they can offer a better package than Amazon Web Services (AWS) for less money.

There have been suggestions that in AWS’ efforts to try and corner all areas of the market, they may have sold themselves short, as in the old adage of trying to be masters of everything. This has led to the likes of Packet and Wasabi believing they can capitalise on some of the shortcomings of an all-encompassing company, such as AWS, to offer a more bespoke service for a better price.

Wasabi’s CEO, David Friend, echoed the thoughts and took a swipe at a company they are aiming to be rivals with, as he said: “Amazon has 100-some-odd cloud services. They do everything, but they don’t do anything particularly well.”

This has led Packet and Wasabi to decide against covering such wide ground, which is even harder for smaller enterprises to do. So, they have set up their proposal to offer cloud storage and computing, an area which Friend says they can undercut AWS by 80%.

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